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I started riding as a kid growing up in Saudi Arabia where I spent 17 years. These years were filled with lots of sand and desert riding throughout the Middle East in a wide variety of conditions and terrain. Motorcycling became my passion. Since moving to Canada, I have ridden a wide variety of motorcycles both on and off road and over the years have logged in excess of 200,000 kilometres criss-crossing Canada and the United States many times. A favourite trip while living in Ontario was riding from Ontario down to Arizona and the Grand Canyon and then circling back up and coming through Utah, Wyoming and Montana before either coming back through the US or heading back up into Canada to ride the Rockies in BC and Alberta before heading home. Some fairly serious riding!

My civilian training includes :

• Basic Rider courses in 1987 and a refresher in 1997
• BMW Advanced riding course at Shannonville Motorspeedway in 2000, 2001,
2002 and 2003

My Police training includes :

• London Police Motorcycle Operators training
• Victoria Police Motorcycle Operators Training
• Motorcycle Instructor Certification at the Sacramento Regional Driver
Training Facility (SRDTF) in Sacramento California. (SRDTF is the only
BMW certified Police training facility in North America at this time.)

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Larry brings over 20 years of Police experience and Police motorcyle riding to Advanced Rider Training. Larry started his career with the Vancouver Police Department and worked his way into Traffic Services to became a motorcycle rider on the Police Harley Davidson. Larry was an apprentice instructor in Vancouver before he transferred to the Saanich Police where he quickly moved back into Traffic with Ryan. Larry was re-certified as a Police rider on the Polce BMW by Ryan. Larry later trained officially as an Instructor under Ryan and certified with the Sacramento Regional Driver Training Facility. Larry brings a wealth of knowledge and skill and a joy and passion for riding and instructing that makes him easy to learn from. Larry’s current personal rides include a KTM 990 Super Motard and a 990 Adventure.

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Victor is a passionate rider and instructor who has been working towards being an instructor for Advanced Rider Training for several years. As one of the first riders in the Advanced Rider courses Victor immediately saw the value in what we teach and wanted to learn more and help to pass on this experience to other riders. Victor has ridden around alot of the world from his home land in South America all over Canada and the US and many countries in Europe where he flies over at least once per year and stretch the legs on his gorgeous African Twin across a new section of Europe. Victor plans to ride all of Europe and into Asia a bit at a time each year. We welcome Victor and his passion for Motorcycles and what we teach at Advanced Rider Training and Victor will always bring a smile to your face!!

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Gus started his passion for motorcycles back in Kuwait where he lived and grew up for 17 years. Starting in the desert on a Honda z50 his passion was ignited, then larger dirt bikes like the XT 500 and XR 500 turn this into an obsession and collection.

Gus has also been a teacher for close to 30 years now and combining his love for teaching and motorcycles is a fantastic marriage. Gus enjoys nothing more than working with, teaching, and riding with people who share our passion of being on 2 wheels…safely.

Gus has ridden and toured through Cyprus, Canada and the U.S. And has owned many motorcycles throughout the years. Gus has trained through Advanced Rider Training with Ryan and also off road with BMW South Carolina and under Simon Pavey, a BMW instructor and Dakar racer. Gus has also completed his Riders Edge and Total Control in San Diego California where riding is a year round experience.

Gus currently rides a 2017 Harley Road King Special, a 2016 BMW R1200GS Adventure and a 2017 Honda Africa Twin.

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Randy grew up in B.C. and spent 33 years with the RCMP and has recently retired. An avid rider since he was 10 years old, Randy has ridden everything from a 185cc to a Street Glide to his current 1200GSA. With more time to ride, Randy now logs in excess of 30,000 km a year. Randy loves the Adventure trips and has done the trip to Alaska every year for the past 7 years scouting out the best routes. Randy’s trips have taken him to Prudeau Bay on the Dead Horse Highway, Inuvik on the famous Dempster, he has travelled the “Top of the World Highway” from Tok to Dawson City and many areas from there to Fort Nelson and the Hay River areas. His most recent trip saw him ride from Santiago, Chile to Usuaia, Argentina on another epic adventure. Randy discovered the Advanced Rider program and was instantly hooked, not only with the unique and incredible skills being taught, but also by the atmosphere and way the Instructor team worked to make all riders better. Randy completed the Police Motorcycle Operators course with Advanced Rider Training and is now completing his Instructor certification. In addition Randy is in charge or preparation on the launch of Adventure Touring with Advanced Rider Training.

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As a Police Motorcycle Rider and Instructor with the Edmonton Police Service, James has been riding motorcycles since he was young, with a passion for Canada’s diverse on road and off road challenges. With dirt track riding experience in his early teens followed by his first street motorcycle at the age of 17, he grew into many different makes and models of motorcycle as the years progressed. As a current Motor Officer with the Edmonton Police Service, he has had 4 years of intense motorcycle training and development. In the summer of 2016 he participated in the Advanced Rider Training Police program and graduated as a Police Trainer for the BMW1200 RTP platform.

Along with being a Motor Officer with the Edmonton Police Service he is a Major Collision Investigation analysis for the purpose of attending and investigating serious and sometimes fatal collisions within the Edmonton area. The number of motorcycle related collisions is always a concern and being a part of a motorcycle training and education service is the best way to insure these collisions decrease. He is excited to be working with Advanced Rider Training Inc and looks forward to meeting and riding with other passionate motorcycle riders.

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Derek has over 10 years as a Police Officer with the Edmonton Police Service and is a Police Motorcycle Operator in the Traffic Unit as well as a Level 4 Major Collision Investigator. His experience investigating fatal motorcycle crashes has demonstrated the need for advanced civilian rider training. Derek also has over 30 years of extensive mountain biking and off-road racing competition experience and has proven to be a valuable asset for our dual sport-off road training. He is a certified Police Motorcycle Instructor. Because of his outstanding collision investigation experience, Derek, like all the Advanced Rider Training Inc. instructors, believe strongly in the importance of proper riding techniques for avoiding dangerous or fatal crashes when riding.