Civilian – Police Motorcycle Operators Course

by Ryan Austin

Posted on November 4, 2015 3:21 pm

Our new Two Week Civlian – Police Motorcycle Operators Course is now available for registration.  Although new to the civilian market this is the same course we have been running for years for Police officers across Canada and the US.  This is a truly incredible course and a once in a life time opportunity !!!  Register now to get a spot we are already 40% registered after only 4 days.

Sgt Ryan Austin

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  • Voytek


    Do you run this 2-week course anywhere on the US West Coast?


    • Ryan

      Not yet. The Two week course for 2016 is held in London, Ontario. We are planning a Two week course on the West Coast, likely in Victoria or Vancouver BC, but this will probably not happen until the 2017 season just do to our Police training, court schedules etc. Ryan

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